About EB

I’m an Evertonian and follow the Blues  through thick and (mostly) thin. This site is a summary of my observations and thoughts from following the club and  football in general.

The idea is to give a better quality analysis of why things happen rather than merely reporting on events.  The content provided is fair and where possible is backed up by analysis. There is no agenda or ‘boo boy’ style approach e.g ‘fuckin ell Osman’ or ‘Dithering Davey’. If players or the boss has a bad afternoon we will say so and why, but we will not slag anyone off to fit in with a pre conceived agenda or bias. Similarly, you won’t find the usual tribal and un-informed guff about other teams on here.

This approach is based on the fantastic  zonal marking site and a desire to learn more from the game.

25 thoughts on “About EB

  1. Not just one of the best analysis based Everton blogs but one of the best Everton blogs on the net.

    Obviously a labour of love. Must be a load of work in it judging by all the graphs, charts, stats etc.

    I get it sent to my email twice a week and read it there.

    What’s the name all about?

    • cheers for the positive feedback leon > much appreciated!

      It takes a while to put the articles together but I like doing it and its always nice to receive comments from people who are enjoying it.

      The name?! Not sure if you watch Peep Show but theres a character called Superhans…he used to be in a band called Executioners Bong when he was addicted to crack, I just liked the name really!

  2. I stumbled upon your site today after following a link from Toffeeweb. Hours later I’m still reading through your articles. Excellent analysis and very informative without the usual rose tinted or negative agenda based content about Everton usually found on the net. Well done I’m a big fan!

  3. Absolutely love this blog. It deserves a much wider audience than it currently achieves. Please keep up the good work. Your analysis is always rooted in fact and the opinions that you arrive at are always well argued and make sense. I really appreciate the additional insight that you have via the stats that you have access to. Thanks for the good reads. Glen.

  4. Just been checking out your site. Really impressive. Lucid, clear and well written analysis – I wish more fan sites were of this standard.

    I’m looking forward to coming back.

  5. Additionally – what’s your background if you don’t mind me asking? Are you a former player or coach? The analysis seems to me to be too rational and in-depth to come from your average fan!

  6. The best footballing blog on Everton I’ve ever read. Brilliant effort. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all and congratulations on your 1st class style and presentation. Mike

  7. I am sooo please I found this Blog. It really is superb reading, informative and well constructed. It’s also a refreshing replacment for another well known EFC online site which I was growing tired for reasons you outline in your Introduction.

    A genuis effort well appreciated.

  8. Glad to see you’ve kept this blog going – really adds to my enjoyment of following the Blues as I don’t get to many games these days. Love the fact that there is no subjective criticisims of individual players based on frustration/ personal agenda and any criticism is based on thorough analysis. Keep it coming!

  9. Just another note of appreciation for your blog. Great to read intelligent and informed comment on football tactics in general and on Everton in particular. It’s striking how poorly the football fan who wants to learn more about the game is served by the mainstream media……

  10. Hi. Really enjoying this immensely – look forward to it every week! Now I have a question that is parti pris – is Denis Stracqualursi likely to start the next three matches, in your opinion? 🙂


  11. Congratulations on a top quality blog. Always insightful and well presented. Keep up the good work. As has already been said, The Bong deserves a much wider audience. I’ve just done my bit by bigging you up on ToffeeWeb!

  12. A1 Mr Bong. As always smart and informed work, technical delivery of a Baines free kick and good on the ball like Mirallas’s wing play. All the best our kid.

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