4 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your site earlier today, and what a great stumble! seriously good stuff! I’m a manager myself and your diagnosis and tactical breakdown is not just easy to read but easy to envisage too.

    The comments through the site speaks volumes. Not just positive comments but well deserved glowing recommendations and praise! How have i not found this rough diamond before!!? Anyway, i don’t care as i now feel one of the lucky few!

    You’re obviously an intelligent football thinking guy, so i was hoping to get your opinion on a couple of topics. Firstly, as i said i’m a manager myself for a local Saturday team and I’ve just finished my first manging year after being forced to give playing the back seat because of injury so am fairly young in manager years also (29). I was wondering if you could reccommend any coaching books/reads? I’m a big Mourinho fan but i don’t think he’s written anything? I want my teams to play good football but have a solid english ethic also, so something with that kind of philosophy would be great.

    Secondly, probably a more open ended question regarding formations. Obviously disregarding the values of different players against different teams, types of player, etc etc. i was wondering what your take is on the current most popular formations and what your preference is?

    Formation seems to be the main constant through all levels from the premier league to grass roots, so your input in that aspect could well help me greatly in my own thinking and set-up.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations again on a fantastic website of which i hope is preparing itself for a big season!?

    • Glad that you’ve enjoyed the site! Books wise, the wilson ‘inverting the pyramid’ book is decent, as is the ‘football and chess’ book for tactics/formations stuff. What age groups do you manage? And is this in the uk? I’ve done coaching badges but not managed sides, maybe in a few years. I’ve always advocated 4-3-3 personally, although can see the merits of 4-2-3-1…but probably more around getting players in their right positions and not shoe horning them into a system for me.

      • Hi EB,
        Thanks for the recommendations. I manage adults in a decent UK non-league Saturday district league. I was reserve team manager last season but had a successful season so have been promoted so to speak to first team manager. I guess the main pressures that come with that at this level are picking the best possible squad and being able to rotate it to keep everyone happy bearing mind they all pay to play! We have some really good players so should be interesting but have high hopes.

        As you mentioned the 4-2-3-1 seems to be the common favourite. I’d tend to be only tempted to use it if as you said you had players decent enough to accomoadate with the bank of 3 in there being the most instrumental to it’s success. 4-3-3 is interesting, but perhaps can naturally make you a little narrow? How would you set it up? width going forward, narrow defensively?

        4-4-2 not on your radar?

        Really would like to getting the coaching badges underway this season, but have always been a little sceptical on what it has to offer without losing your own ideas, values and most importantly raw underlying character that makes you different from other mangagers. How it been for you?

  2. what is the rest period in between interval training? like for example whats the rest in between the jog & the three quarter pace run? and also glute bridges & sumo squats? love the site mate keep up the good work COYB

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