Deconstructing Deulofeu

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The latest transfer story to hit L4 sees Rockefeller Roberto Martinez  ‘swooping’ down over La Masia like a dangerous Phillipine Eagle to take their young winger / forward Gerard Deulofeu to Goodison on a 12 month loan deal as the Spaniard continues his relentless transfer binge.

Deulofeu is a 19 old starlet who ‘lit up’ the lower tier of the Spanish league last season to the tune of  18 goals sprinkled with a bag of assists. With Barca top heavy in the wide slots with the likes of Tello, Sanchez and Neymar  providing stern competition, Deulofeu is in the predicament of being too good for Barca B but not good enough for Barca A.

Enter Roberto and his cunning plan.

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Whilst only of slight build – basically the weight of Pienaar with the height of Mirallas – like the scheming duo he makes up for this in terms of creativity, incision and flair which are all key facets of the Martinez manifesto.  Due to his great footwork and control he’s also very good at winning free kicks …and scoring from them.

The below video showcases some of his highly elaborate foot work.

Having watched him in the u20 World Cup – a tournament he weighed in with a few goals and an assist – its clear he is an expressive talent who is loaded with ability. Perhaps the big issue will be that this indulgence won’t be directly transferable to the English top flight where room to manoeuvre is reduced and defenders are more likely to volley you in the air.  Finding the balance between deploying these silky skills whilst doing a job for the team will perhaps be his biggest challenge.


With a new contract recently ‘inked’ til 2017 and a rumoured 35m euro buy out clause, its unlikely this will be any more than a loan deal. Even so, he will be a lot more exciting right wing option than the unfortunate Naismith and is someone the Blues faithful should genuinely look forward to watching next season.



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