Betting Focus: Back Toffees to Bag a Top 6 Finish

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While most football pundits are favouring Tottenham to come 4th in this year’s premiership, it is far from being a certainly, and there are plenty of reasons for it not to happen. Although currently Spurs are playing very well, for instance they recently drew with Manchester United who they dominated throughout the game. Currently the best odds on Everton finishing in the top 4 are around 8/1 with some bookmakers posting longer odds of around 5/1 or 6/1. This is a good price if you think Everton can pull it off.

It would seem more likely that Everton will finish in 5th or even 6th place, and the odds of the club ending up in the top 6 are 9/13 or a little shorter. Again this is not a bad price and probably reflects the actual probabilities quite well. Bookmakers are very good at setting sports betting odds, though they are often outsmarted by sports betters who use their in-depth knowledge to beat them; in fact this is where sports betting is a little more predictable than casino betting where luck plays a more important part.

Not all casino games rely on luck. Blackjack requires a reasonable level of skill to optimise your winning chances and if you play poker games at online casinos such as then you will know how good you need to be at the game if you are going to be a consistent winner.  Of course you can also play some casino games that don’t require all the skill and devotion that a poker player needs and a great football related slot game that is highly entertaining as well as paying out some big jackpots is soccer safari slots, especially if you have a good sense of humour; most of the football players are wild animals.

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