Ross Barkley: First Impressions

Since returning from a double leg break, Ross Barkley has emerged during a pre season of general despondency in the transfer market for the club as a player who could provide an added option to the Blues ranks this campaign. More importantly, his potential could see him long term become a massive player for the club.

Barkley showcased his ability to play centrally between opposition defence and midfield lines against DC United above; cutely finding space to receive a ball from Rodwell before slipping Billy through for the second goal.

The  Wavertree born lad is the epitome of the modern day player being comfortable in numerous positions;  indeed he played as a forward in Everton’s FA Youth Cup team. Barkley ‘s versatility would make him even more valuable at a club like ours who started fewer players (20)  than any other team in the league last season.

In the Villarreal game Barkley was initially deployed as a central midfielder and showed his willingness to get beyond the striker by almost scoring from Baines whipped delivery here.

I would see Barkley playing in one of the wide berths, presumably on the right cutting in as he does in the above screenshot atBremen. In a 4-2-3-1 this would mean Barkley playing in the final third closer to the opposition goal where his passing incision (something we lack) will be really useful.

Clearly at a time when morale amongst fans is low the Barkley hype will grow but I would see Moyes using him sparingly in the opening months of the season, selecting the games he feels Barkley can grow into the team.


2 thoughts on “Ross Barkley: First Impressions

  1. I was at the Philadelphia Union match on 20 July, and Barkley was a bright spot in what was otherwise a pretty miserable performance. Seems like he has good vision and is good with the ball at his feet. Arteta’s performance fell off a cliff last season. If he goes splat on the canyon floor this fall, could see Barkley becoming our midfield maestro.

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